Royal Airgun Thunder 5,5mm

Caliber5,5mm (.22)

Airgun Royal Thunder has been released in 2019 after two years of development. Thunder is definitely among the highest end PCP airguns on the market and offers several innovations. The rifle comes in .22 caliber with 15 shots magazine and .25 caliber with 13 shots magazine. Manual safety is located above the trigger to be easily and conveniently accessible. Our safety will 100% guarantee that rifle will not shoot while it is blocked. The trigger is also fully adjustable. Biathlon side lever mechanism can be easily changed to other side so this model suitable for both right-handed and left-handed shooters. Great feature is a new chamber load indicator from the back side so you will always know if you have cocked the rifle already thanks to this indicator. From the back side you will also find a magazine safety which has to be use for operating with magazine. Thunder has fully shrouded barrel which is highly effective. In the end of the shroud there is also a silencer part with several diafragmas. In addition, there is also 1/2UNF thread available to attach external silencer. CZ barrel can be easily switched to a different caliber. You just have to change the pellet probe and magazine rotary system with the barrel. Royal airgun Thunder is fully adjustable rifle which will fits to every shooter.

Technical Specification

Size (cm)



5,5 (.22)

Lenght barrel (cm)


Weight (kg)


Max. working pressure (bar)


Triger resistance (N kgf)

0,5 - 1,5




Royal Airgun Thunder 5,5mmdownload 327 KB

Parts Included



Rubber rings